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Brent walks you through the venture property agreements and intellectual property protections that need to be in place when you are starting and growing a business.

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  • Be Uber Careful About What You Provide to Public Entities

    Be Uber Careful About What You Provide to Public Entities


    Jordan Butler If you have not heard of Uber, you likely know someone who has and maybe even someone who has used it.  Uber is a new peer-to-peer transportation service that is designed to rival the traditional livery vehicle service typically provided by taxis.  To use the service, users “order” a ride through Uber’s smart phone app.  
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  • Competitive Barrier Strategy

    Competitive Barrier Strategy


    With the rapid development of technology, it is now more than ever vital for technology startups to protect their businesses from unnecessary competition. There are about a million different strategies to work with, but one that is incredibly useful is the competitive barrier strategy. 
  • Intellectual Property Licensing in Development Agreements

    Intellectual Property Licensing in Development Agreements


    Most people do not consider the possibility that you can protect your intellectual property. Though thoughts and ideas are not generally tangible until they have been acted upon, it is possible to protect these ideas from thieves and other unpleasant eventualities. When it comes to development agreements, for instance, it is always beneficial to developers to protect their intellectual property. Though they may be working for a larger company, they still have the right to lay claim to the ideas on which they are working.
  • Minimizing Risk for Technology Startups

    Minimizing Risk for Technology Startups


    Establishing a LLC, or Limited Liability Corporation, is an essential step in the growth of any startup tech company. Limited liability means that anyone who has an LLC essentially has an umbrella to protect himself, his business, and his personal property should something go wrong with the business. Here we discuss some of the coverage limited liability corporation status provides to technology startups.
  • Legal Protection of Confidential Ideas

    Legal Protection of Confidential Ideas


    When working on a project, you often share ideas with those who you work with. These ideas can range from how you produce a particular product to a specific recipe used in your kitchen. Regardless of where your confidential ideas originate, you are protected from other people in your organization stealing the ideas from you. Should they try to steal these ideas from you, it is possible use technology assistance to determine if and how you can move forward with legal action. After all, this is your livelihood and you do not want other people stealing your information and trade secrets. There are different IP protection strategies and intellectual properties that are specifically protected. Read up more on different technology resource services to identify which one you might fall under.